Homeless Queer Youth

To be a homeless LGBT youth all too frequently means being hungry, forsaken, alone, and brutalized.
— Carl Siciliano, Advocate & Provider for Homeless LGBTQ Youth

Youth homelessness is at epidemic levels in the United States and queer youth are disproportionately represented. Punk Out believes that our mission of connecting and supporting LGBTQ musicians and fans relates directly to the fight to end youth homelessness. Music is often the voice of the outsider and queer youth are often marginalized by their families and communities. Ending queer youth homelessness is a cause near and dear to our hearts and we hope to work through music to help reach queer youth who have been forced out of their homes, either forcefully or under duress, and now live on American streets. We want to help homeless queer youth find the shelter, education, and health resources needed to get them off the streets. 

Finding shelter is not as easy as it may seem. Many homeless shelters discriminate against queer youth. We want to shed light on the shelters, such as the Attic Youth Center in Philadelphia, the Ali Forney Center in New York City, and the Los Angeles Center's Youth Center on Highland, which welcome queer youth. 

Please visit our Resource Page for more information on queer-welcoming youth homeless shelters near you.