Building for the Future

By Michael McCarron

What have we done recently?

Well, a lot actually. Although I know it doesn't always necessarily look like it. Getting a non-profit off the ground is certainly more of a task than I thought. However, there's an old adage I'm sure somewhere that sums up my attitudes. So, in the great words of Jess, we'll shove it deep down and power through it. 

Oh yes...what have we done recently? Well, we have set up our Resources page and found some outstanding databases which allow you to search by location for local groups and organizations. Which is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Often times we get so wrapped up in national resources that we forget that immediate help is often a couple miles away. Other than the resources page, we've gotten started on our FAQs page. Oh, and we started this here blog. With an eye toward punctuality and perseverance, the goal is to have a couple blog entries up a week. Jess will help with this as well. Seriously, when Jess writes you're in for a real treat (full of the Oxford Comma...get on that train).

And lest I forget to mention, Punk Out single handedly brought marriage equality to Pennsylvania. Okay, maybe not single handedly, but as a committed member of the Keystone State, we, like every other Pennsylvanian, can take a small bit of credit for the momentous victory a couple weeks ago.   

What is up next?

There are a couple things on the docket in the coming weeks. First and foremost is getting a video interview with myself and Jess up so that we can begin our crowd sourcing campaign. We have a great videotographer in mind and a location set. All that needs to be done is the actual shooting of the video. Hopefully we'll be able to raise our goal so that we can really get Punk Out moving. Preliminary ideas for the money include: studio time so that we can record sessions with bands, merchandise, and back-end expenses (domain name, website costs, etc.). To go along with the crowd sourcing,  we will need to set up a Punk Out bank account (stop me if this is getting too exciting) and other red tape governmental steps need to be taken.

As always, we're constantly looking for designers (or anyone for that matter) who wants to help out our cause. So if you or someone you know wants to help out, or has a talent to donate, please let either me or Jess know. You'll be recognized on our Contributors page (add that to the Honey-Do list for this week). 

Together we sing!